I will be temporarily closing Little Bill's Pimento Cheese.
As I type this (on 3/23/20), there is cheese on the store shelves right now, but once it's gone, that's it for awhile.
My normal routine puts me in a grocery store four times a week, the supplier for my ingredients at least once a week and usually at The City Market. That's a lot of people that I come in contact with!
I feel the only responsible thing to do is shut everything down and stay home until this plays out. It's not about me, it's about everyone I come in contact with. I would never want to unknowingly help the spread of this nasty virus.
As awesome as Little Bill's is, it isn't "essential".
I look forward to an incredible summer at the market and can't wait to see you all again.
As a customer texted the other day, "We're just in a holding pattern for a bit. Then we'll get back on track."
Stay safe!

Little Bill's is available at

- Bloom Baking Co.

(at The City Market)

- Overland Park #1 Hy-Vee

(on 95th St.)

- Liberty Hy-Vee

- Barry Road Hy-Vee

*note the Hy-Vees only 

carry Original and Jalapeno,

not Bacon

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