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Little Bill's Pimento Cheese is a Kansas City-based company, selling pimento cheese at The City Market Farmers' Market and a few stores.

When I was growing up, my grandma would lovingly prepare her famous pimento cheese for every family gathering. It has been a staple in my family since before I was born and reminds me of all the love, laughs and great family moments over the years. Unfortunately, grandma passed away a few years ago, but she is definitely the inspiration behind Little Bill's Pimento Cheese.

By combining my experience in the food industry, my love for cooking and a little entrepreneurial spirit, I am very excited to introduce Kansas City to a fantastic pimento cheese. Trust me, it's not the mass produced stuff you might have seen at your grocery store. My pimento cheese is fresh and handmade in a local commercial kitchen.

Due to COVID, I will not be at The City Market Farmers Market for a while, but you can find Little Bill's at several stores though. For a list of the stores that carry Little Bill's, please click here. You can also have Little Bill's delivered though Market Wagon by clicking here. Right now, I offer two types of pimento cheese .. Original and Jalapeno.

I'm planning on adding several new stores soon and will update this site as I do.

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I am so excited to introduce my hometown of Kansas City to my pimento cheese and look forward to seeing you at the market soon!

Little Bill