Can I find Little Bill's Pimento Cheese in any stores?

Yes, you can find Little Bill's at several stores. For a full list, please click here. I plan to add more stores soon, so stay tuned.

Do you deliver?

Delivery of Little Bill's is offered through Market Wagon, which covers a huge delivery area around Kansas City. You can check them out by clicking here.

Can I freeze it?

Yes, it actually freezes just fine. It changes the texture slightly, but most people won't notice a difference at all.

Do you ship?

No. I've looked into it, but it's just too expensive with too many logistics involved. That said, I have customers that ship it all the time, it's just not something I'm comfortable doing.

Is your cheese gluten free?


Is your cheese keto-friendly?

Yes .. zero carbs (well, technically it's .8g of total carbohydrate per serving). In fact Keto Nachos (my cheese with pork rinds) are kind of a thing.

I bought cheese from you at The City Market and don't see an expiration date, how long is it good for?

The cheese I sell in stores will have a "Best By" date on bottom and you can usually add at least an extra week to that date. The cheese I sell at the market does not usually have a date and is generally good for 3-4 weeks after you purchased it. Obviously, the longer it is out of the fridge can shorten the shelf life. If it still smells good and you don't see mold, it's fine.

I don't like pimento cheese, why would I try yours?

Most people who don't like pimento cheese and try mine, love it.  There's a huge difference between fresh pimento cheese and the preservative-loaded tubs in the store .. trust me, it's not your grandma's pimento cheese.

This page doesn't answer my question ..

If you haven't noticed, there's an overriding theme to a lot of this .. just contact me.