• served on crackers, celery, chips, pretzels, pears, etc.

  • grilled pimento cheese sandwich (add a little ham or turkey, if you prefer)

  • spread on pita bread, bagels or English muffins

  • BLT with pimento cheese!

  • wine and pimento cheese can go together very well .. just saying

  • pimento cheese-stuffed chicken breasts

  • crackers with pimento cheese, topped with strawberry jam (trust me!)

  • bacon, egg and pimento cheese breakfast sandwich

  • top off your omelette with pimento cheese


I'll try to add some more recipes and ideas in the future, but if you have a favorite way to eat pimento cheese, I'd love to hear about it .. please head over to the Contact page and tell me about it.

Even more ways to enjoy

Little Bill's ..

My grandmother would definitely tell you pimento cheese is best served between two slices of bread and that's hard to argue.  However, Little Bill's can be used in countless ways ..